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Meet Our Instructors

Sh. Sa Khepera Faison has taught Stress Management and Meditation for over 25 years.She has lectured and facilitated workshops and meditation classes at various colleges and Community groups.She is a member of the priesthood of the Ausar Auset Society in Philadelphia.


Ur Aua Am Tehuti Khamau

With more than thirty years of experience in teaching, Kamitic spirituality, yoga, Qi Gong and martial arts;Ur Aua is responsible for the administration of Ausar Auset Society's spiritual development programs throughout the Delaware Valley region.  

Shekhem Minekek Menankh

Priest of over 20 years. Certified in Iron Crotch and Iron Body Qigong. In his 25+ years of work in the fields of mental health and education he continues to explore ways to optimize mental, emotional and physical performance through the scientific understanding of nutrition.

Teprakhu Corinaldi

Receiving his master trainer certification in 2014, Teprakhu has over 6 years of experience in strength training, power lifting and personal training. His clientele included elderly individuals with dementia and vertigo. 



Meki Ra Sa men 

Derrick A. Richardson, aka Meki Ra, has worked in the Mind, Body, Spirit field for 20 years.He's certified in Yang Style Tai Chi Quan. A meditation teacher with over 20,000 hours of meditation , and also teaches Longevity and Wellness, Yoga, Qigong, Chinese Internal Alchemy, and Practical Self Defense from a Tai Chi Quan perspective.

Maat Hepsashem

Maat Hept Sashem has been a member of the AAS for 17 years. Born and raised in Portland Jamaica. Maat believes in using herbs as a natural healer.She is a priestess, Holistc Health counselor, and a Het Heru Healer. Maat has been teaching women how to heal, mind, body and spirit through dance.Maat has been a wellness advocate for healthy lifestyle. She has been teaching and practicing yoga for many years. Her last project was teaching yoga to 100 plus summer camp students in the Philadelphia community. Maat holds a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice.